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PIXELTECH SECURITY PVT LTD is a security solutions provider company led by engineers with 22 years of experience since 2007. And it is also a leading distributor of fire safety solutions in Mumbai for several trusted brands in India since 2018. 

We understand how essential fire safety is for creating safe homes and business premises. So we supply the best-quality security solutions in Mumbai. Hence, to ensure it happens, we assist retailers and security contractors with all the guidance so that they can offer the best to their customers. 

We provide various security services with our expert knowledge of supplying, installing, and maintaining a security system. It includes fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, CO2 fire suppression systems, aspiration detection system, gas flooding for electric panels, wireless access control system, and many others. Further, we provide mock drill service, safety audits, and training for the best utilization of security products

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Are you dealing in fire safety products and security solutions in Mumbai? Or are you providing security services to businesses and homes as a contractor? 
Then offer your clients the best. You can contact us for the products below. Then offer your clients the best. You can contact us for the below products.

  • Fire alarm systems (Conventional & Addressable)
  • Automatic gas suppression systems
  • Fire suppression system for Server Rooms
  • Gas flooding for electrical panels
  • Co2 Flooding Systems
  • Gas-based Fire Suppression Systems
  • Tube-based gas flooding systems
  • Aspiration detection system
  • Wireless access control system
  • Fire Alarm Installation 
  • Wireless Fire Alarm System 

At PIXELTECH Security Pvt Ltd in Mumbai, we take customer requirements as a priority. So we supply the latest technology solutions at the most competitive prices and on time.
Contact us today with your inquiry through the given form. We will contact you soon.