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DLP- Direct Low-Pressure Clean Agent Systems are primarily Pre-Engineered Automatic Fire detection and suppression Systems. And they utilize various Low-pressure Clean agents like,HFC227ea, FK 5-1-12, FE36. These Units are designed, manufactured, and tested in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. Thus these reliable products will fulfill your need for fire suppression system for server room.

The Linear Pneumatic Fire Detection Tubing (LP-FDT) is installed and connected to DLP Valve via dual seal threaded union attached to the isolation ball valve and routed throughout the protected hazard area/enclosure. Being heat sensitive, the primary function of Linear Pneumatic Fire Detection Tube (under pressure) is to detect heat/fire and activate the valve for discharge of the agent by rupturing at the hottest point along its installed length on flame impingement. It forms a nozzle at the burst point in the event of rupture.

A fast and effective automatic fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing system for small to medium sized…

For commercial kitchen fire suppression in cooking areas

Protects directly inside extractor hoods – closer to where a fire can start

A complete, ready-to-install FireDETEC automatic fire suppression system includes: cylinder, differential pressure…

For use with Class K fire extinguishing agent (included)

Novec gas suppression system
Novec gas suppression system


Novec Clean Agent Fire Suppression System is also known as Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System and Novec Gas Suppression System. The causes of fire are many and therefore the classification of fires (A/B/C/D/K) is important. That’s why fire protection specialists must select the appropriate fire-extinguishing system for suppressing a fire, particularly in complex commercial and institutional setups where the use of water is inappropriate, or even dangerous. Latest range of Novec Gas Fire Suppression Systems – also known as Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems – chemical agents to extinguish fires immediately. Each system typically consists of the agent along with agent storage containers, release valves, delivery piping and dispersion nozzles. These Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Systems guarantee top-of-the-line quality and adherence to Indian fire safety regulations when it matters most.


CO2 Flooding System is a range of firefighting equipment specifically designed for use in places like a boiler room, UPS Room , Electrical Room,Paint Booth,pump room, engine room, etc. of ships. They are suitable in any sizeable but closed space under fire for extinguishing the fire quickly and robustly.

There are high chances of a fire to erupt in various ship rooms. Once erupted, it can rapidly to spread to other parts of the ship causing severe damage of lives and resources. Since a ship can be on a voyage during the fire, it can be extremely difficult to vacant the space of lives and resources and the only way out is extinguishing the fire.

To equip you robustly in such situations, we have some brilliantly designed CO2 Fire Suppression Systems .

The Perfect Mechanism

In this CO2 Fire Extinguishing System, a lot of cylinders containing abundant amounts of CO2 are used. As soon as a fire erupts, heavy quantities of CO2 are released which work to extinguish the fire quickly. This rapid action by our CO2 flooding system ensures that the fire does not spread to other areas of the ship causing severe harm.

A critical fire on a ship can cause a lot of harm. Being your protectors against such situations, we have come up with this unique fire suppression system. In any critical fire situation, you can bank upon our CO2 Fire Extinguishing System to save the maximum resources and lives at the site.

We use CO2 as the extinguishing agent in this firefighting system because we want utmost perfection and effectiveness for you. As commonly known, CO2 works as a brilliant extinguishing agent that provides fast and successful action. CO2 creates a layer of a blanket around the oxygen content in the fire and disrupts its connection with the fire system. This reaches a stage where the combustion can no longer take place due to the absence of oxygen. Thus, by targeting one of the key components of a fire, our CO2 Fire Suppression Systems help you out in critical situations.


Room Protection System consist of elctricrically actuated control valve,smoke detector and fire alarm panel. On occurance of fire, Smoke detectors send signal to the fire suppression panel which actuate the control valve to discharge the extinguishing media in the affected area. For informing others, the control unitsend signal to hooter to start alongwith SMS alert and calls to the concerned authorities.

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