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About PixelTech - A Trusted Security Solutions Supplier in Mumbai

PIXELTECH is a trusted security solutions supplier in Mumbai. We provide residential and commercial fire safety products for homes and businesses.

Our products include well-known brands such as Ravel, Novec, Fire Rid, and others.

Our product range includes;

RAVEL Fire alarm systems

Ravel is a leading brand in fire alarm systems. It offers a range of fire alarm systems, such as panels, fire and smoke detectors, and notification devices for fire safety. It also provides solutions after-sales services.

Visit the Fire Alarm Systems page to learn more.

FIRERID Automatic Fire Extinguisher

FIRERID automatic suppression systems are a must for home and office premises with a risk of fire accidents. It controls the fire within a few minutes with its advanced technology.

Gas Flooding for Electrical Panel

It is suitable for places with a high chance of catching fire. This system uses non-toxic and biodegradable agents. Further, the installation cost is low, and it requires low maintenance.

CO2 Suppression System

The CO2 Suppression system makes safety the priority with high indirect pressures. It is effective for Class A, B, and C fires. It provides the most effective fire safety solution in high-risk areas that have electronic equipment installed.

Visit Automatic Fire Extinguisher page to learn more about fire extinguishers and suppression systems.

Novec System for Server Room

The Novec is an environment-friendly clean agent fire suppression system. It is suitable in enclosed areas like server rooms where data safety is a priority.

Visit Fire Suppression System page to learn more.

AVA Prevent Aspiration Detection System

AVA Prevent Aspiration Detection System is an early warning aspiring smoke detector that comes with two variants in QUARTAS series. i.e., single pipe and four pipes. Its smart smoke level detection alerts only when it observes abnormal smoke levels. So it provides constant protection with no false alarms.

Visit Aspiration Detection System page to learn more.

Spintly – Wireless Access Control System

Spintly offers cloud-based wireless access control system. Thus you have a robust physical security system in your building without wiring.  It provides two access options, i.e., smartphone-based access, Card-based Access, and works without the internet. Further, the system features include API/SDK integration, cloud-based attendance, and daily/weekly reports. So you can efficiently control access throughout your building and have crucial insights on your finger-tip.

Visit Wireless Access Control System page to learn more.

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