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Advanced Fire Safety Audits and Training - Pixel Distributor

Advanced Fire Safety

Chemical Safety Training by Pixel Distributor

Chemical Safety Training

Evacuation Drills and fire safety audits by Pixel Distributor

Evacuation Drill

Fire safety audits by Pixel Distributor

Fire Safety Audit

Women Safety Training in Mumbai by Pixel Distributor

Women Safety

Fire Fighting Training in Mumbai by Pixel Distributor

Fire Fighting

We are an authorized distributor of fire safety and alarm systems from various brands, like FireRid, Novec, AVA Prevent, and others. Apart from this, we also provide fire safety audits and training services in Mumbai. And with our 20 years of experience, we have served numerous large customers in Mumbai.

Also, we proudly say that our product installation and services are the best in the industry. And you can rely on us for your security solutions requirements.

Advance Fire Safety Audits and Training

We offer our advanced fire safety audit and training services in Mumbai for large organizations and institutions where many people work and visit daily. Our clientele includes corporate and academic organizations, hospitals, amusement parks, theaters, hotels, and others.

We also provide fire safety audits to help you have peace of mind by ensuring that your fire alarm and security systems are working fine. Audits help you ensure that the security setups are there and working as per industry and government standards.

Chemical Safety Training

We train organizations for handling hazardous chemicals where worker groups include skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled.

Our training includes learning how to identify areas that can be affected by hazardous chemicals.

People entering a facility with chemicals or working with hazardous chemicals get complete chemical safety training from us.

Evacuation Drills

We offer evacuation drills to prepare people working in buildings. It is a practice for the staff to evacuate from a building in emergencies like fire.

It generally gets triggered by the activation of an alarm system installed in the building. And the people are evacuated using the nearest exit available in the building.

This type of drill can save valuable lives in case of emergency events.

Women Safety

With this service, we help women become aware and prepared for unwanted incidences like attacks done for robbery, theft, or sexual abuse. We offer self-defense training like Judo and Karate.

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