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About Pixel Distributor


PIXELTECH SECURITY PVT.LTD., previously TECHNOSOFT, has worked its way up to become a leading security systems supplier in Mumbai. We provide fire safety solutions and services for residential and commercial premises in India.

Our expert team of engineers works under leaders having two decades of experience in the fire and safety industry. And we take pride in our ability to offer the best security solutions to the end users.

The Founders

Mahesh Thale and Shradha Thale are young and talented engineers with 22 years of experience. They wanted to make the best fire safety and security solutions like fire detection systems, conventional fire alarm system etc. available to all businesses and homes in Mumbai, Maharashtra. So, they founded TECHNOSOFT in 2007 and started dealing with various security products. They offered fire safety, monitoring, access control, communication, intrusion prevention, and rodent repellent, to name a few.

They proved their business success within a decade and decided to give their business a new identity in 2018. And this is how PIXELTECH SECURITY PVT. LTD. came into existence.

The founders believe that early detection and preparation are crucial for preventing and managing uncertain events and saving valuable lives. And this is what drives our motivation to do even better in offering safety products from top brands.

Thus they are among the most trusted  Security systems suppliers in Mumbai. They have been in the market for more than 15 years and have served more than 500 happy clients. They have prepared 128 licensed officers with their security training services.

Our Security Systems and Services

We provide security systems and services listed below.

  • Fire Alarm Systems  
  • Fire Extinguishers Suppliers   
  • Fire Detection System 
  • CO2 Fire Suppression Systems  
  • Gas Flooding for Electrical Panels  
  • Fire Suppression for Server Rooms  
  • Novec System for Server Room  
  • Smoke Sensor  
  • Security Solutions  
  • Aspiration Detection System (smoke detector)  
  • Wireless Access Control System  
  • Other Fire Safety Solutions 

What Makes us a Leading Security Systems Supplier in Mumbai

Our relentless efforts and continuous hunger drive our business. And it makes us one of the best security systems suppliers in Mumbai. Here is what sets us apart from others.

Perfection every time

We believe that the right solution brings smiles to customers’ faces. So we strive to provide perfect solutions and services to our customers based on their needs.

Our fleet

Our fleet of well-equipped vehicles managed by skilled staff is ready to reach when and where they are needed. So, be it a demo, system delivery, mock drill, or evacuation training, you can always rely on us.

Emergency Help

We are always available during an emergency to save people’s lives and valuable properties, as we take it as our duty. Give us a call, and we will be there to help you within the shortest possible time.

Authorized Distributor of top fire safety products and security systems

We are an authorized distributor of many leading fire safety and security brands. You can ask us for any product related to fire detection, gas leak detection alarm, and fire suppression.

Below are the products that you can order from us.

Fire alarm systems by RAVEL

  • Conventional Fire Alarm System 
  • Conventional Alarm Detectors 
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System Accessories
  • Ul Listed Conventional Fire Alarm System Panel 
  • 900 Series Conventional Fire Alarm System Panel 
  • Clean Agent Panel and Accessories 
  • Ravel Special Detectors 
  • Single Loop Addressable Fire Alarm System 
  • Multi-loop Fire Alarm Panel and Accessories 
  • Public Address System 
  • Fireman Telephone System 

Automatic Fire Extinguisher by FireRid

  • FIRERID – Automatic Fire Extinguisher.
  • FIRERID PLUS – Automatic Fire Extinguisher.

Fire Suppression & Security Systems

  • Direct Low Pressure-DLP Clean Agent System
  • Novec Clean Agent Fire Suppression System.
  • Commercial kitchen Fire Suppression System.
  • Co2 Flooding System
  • Room Protection System

Aspiration Detection System by AVA Prevent

  • Single Pipe Aspirating Smoke Detector – Aspirating Detection System
  • Four Pipes Scanning Aspirating Smoke Detector
  • Blue LED Detection
  • QUARTAS-500s Aspirating Detection System
  • QUARTAS-2000s Aspirating Detection System

Wireless Access Control System by Spintly

  • SMACC-UNO – a Smartphone-based Access Control Solution
  • Biometric Attendance Machine
  • BLE & WiFi Gateway
Security solutions like fire safety and alarm systems

Whom we serve

We provide solutions to every industry and home in Mumbai. Some of the best examples of our security systems users are

  • Large corporate offices
  • Government offices
  • Manufacturing units
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Schools and collages
  • Research labs
  • Metro stations


So, if you are searching for the best security systems suppliers in Mumbai, look no further. We will provide the best fire safety products at competitive prices for your residential and commercial customers. Submit the contact form or give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer your inquiries.