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5 Reasons to Implement a Fully Wireless Access Control System with Spintly .

Convenience and Flexibility:

With Spintly, a totally wireless access control system, there is no need for complicated wiring, making it extremely handy and adaptable. Since the system is wireless, it is simple to install access control equipment like card readers, keypads, and locks without the need for substantial wiring. Due to its adaptability, it can be easily and quickly installed in a variety of settings, including new or old buildings, which makes it the best option for contemporary access control requirements.


Spintly’s implementation of a fully wireless access control system can be economical in a number of ways. First of all, it does away with the demand for expensive wiring infrastructure, which can drastically lower installation costs. Second, it reduces long-term operational expenses by doing away with the requirement for continuing wiring maintenance and replacement. Additionally, a wireless system offers cost-effective scalability without the need for major rewiring because it is simple to scale up or down in accordance with an organization’s changing needs.

Enhanced Security:

The wireless access control system from Spintly has cutting-edge security features that can improve a facility’s overall security. Organizations may easily detect and respond to any security breaches thanks to the system’s real-time monitoring and reporting of access events. In order to offer a complete security solution, the system can also be combined with other security tools, such as security cameras or alarms. Further boosting security is the fact that the system is wireless, which also eliminates the possibility of illegal access through physical tampering with wires.

Mobile Access Control:

Users can enter secured areas using their smartphones thanks to the mobile access control features of Spintly’s wireless access control system. As a result, there is no longer a need for physical access cards or keys, lowering the possibility of theft or loss. Users benefit from mobile access control since it makes it simple for them to enter using their smartphones, which they always have with them. Additionally, the system has remote administration features that let administrators grant or cancel access from a distance, improving overall security and control.

Integration and Automation:

Access control procedures can be automated and streamlined by integrating a completely wireless access control system with Spintly with other platforms or systems. For automated providing and deprovisioning of access credentials, the system can be coupled with a facility’s current IT infrastructure, such as an employee database. Additionally, it can be connected with other building management systems to automate control based on access events or schedules for things like lighting and HVAC. The operational effectiveness, administrative costs, and access control experience can all be enhanced by this integration and automation.

Overall, using Spintly to construct a fully wireless access control system has many advantages, including ease of use, cost efficiency, improved security, mobile access control, and integration potential. It can offer businesses an up-to-date, effective access control solution that satisfies their security requirements and offers flexibility and scalability.

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