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Elevate Your Access Control with Spintly’s SMACC-UNO

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the need for smart, secure access control solutions has never been more critical. Introducing Spintly’s SMACC-UNO, the world’s first BLE mesh-based access control reader that’s revolutionizing the way we think about door security.

Designed with elegance and functionality in mind, the SMACC-UNO offers a flexible, modular, and scalable approach to upgrading your regular doors to smart doors. Here’s why it’s the ultimate choice for modern access control:

BLE Mesh Technology: Leveraging the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh technology, the SMACC-UNO provides seamless connectivity and reliable access control management, ensuring optimal security for your premises.

Bluetooth and NFC Compatibility: Compatible with both Bluetooth-based access and NFC tags, the SMACC-UNO offers versatility and convenience, allowing users to choose their preferred method of authentication.

Compatibility with Various Locking Devices: Whether you’re using electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, or other locking devices, the SMACC-UNO seamlessly integrates with a wide range of locking mechanisms, providing a unified access control solution.

Remote Access with Spintly: With the Spintly mobile app, users can enjoy remote access to doors equipped with the SMACC-UNO, allowing for convenient and secure entry management from anywhere, at any time.

Fi-B Gateway Integration: The SMACC-UNO is compatible with the Fi-B Gateway, enabling centralized monitoring and management of access control systems across multiple locations, making it ideal for businesses with distributed operations.

Real-Time Clock for Timekeeping: Equipped with a real-time clock, the SMACC-UNO ensures accurate timekeeping and synchronization, essential for access control systems that rely on precise scheduling and event logging.

In conclusion, Spintly’s SMACC-UNO represents the next generation of access control technology, offering unparalleled security, flexibility, and convenience. Whether you’re upgrading a single door or implementing a comprehensive access control solution for an entire facility, the SMACC-UNO delivers the reliability and performance you need to safeguard your premises effectively.

Upgrade to Spintly’s SMACC-UNO today and experience the future of access control firsthand.

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