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Elevate Your Audio with the RE-LS20W Wall-Mounted Speaker

Meet the RE-LS20W: a sleek, white, wall-mounted speaker with a 15 cm cone for clear announcements and paging. This cost-effective powerhouse blends style with protection and offers versatile connectivity options.

Stylish and Sturdy

The RE-LS20W’s attractive ABS plastic design complements any space. Its sculptured edges provide both flair and protection, ensuring it endures in high-traffic areas.

Powerful Sound

With a 15-cm cone speaker, the RE-LS20W delivers clear, powerful audio, making your messages unmistakable, whether for a small group or a large crowd.

Flexible Connectivity

Equipped with a transformer, it can tap into a 100V line or connect with 4 ohms systems. This flexibility suits various audio setups, making it ideal for both upgrades and new installations.

Volume Control Option

Customize your audio output with the optional volume control feature, adapting to different settings with ease.

Cost-Effective Brilliance

Affordable yet high-quality, the RE-LS20W offers an impressive audio solution for businesses of all sizes. Elevate your audio experience with this cost-effective gem.

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