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Novec gas suppression system

Understanding the Components of a Novec Fire Suppression System

A Novec fire suppression system employs a gas to put out fires without leaving any residue, making it a form of clean agent fire suppression system. It is frequently utilized in settings like data centers, museums, and hospitals where delicate technology or priceless things need to be safeguarded from fire damage.

The components of a Novec fire suppression system typically include:

Novec Gas Cylinder:

The Novec gas, which is the substance used to put out the fire, is kept in this bottle. The pressurized cylinder is built to release the gas when the fire detection system activates it.

Fire Detection System:

In order to detect the presence of fire, a network of sensors or detectors has been deployed in key locations across the protected area. The control panel receives a signal from the detecting system when it detects a fire.

Control Panel:

This is the main part of the Novec fire suppression system, and it is what triggers the gas cylinder after receiving signals from the fire detection system. Additionally, the control panel can be set up to sound alarms, turn off equipment, and contact emergency services.

Piping Network:

This system of pipes transports Novec gas from the cylinder to the enclosed space. The piping system is made to make sure that the gas gets to every part of the protected region.


These are the parts that allow the Novec gas to enter the enclosed space. To guarantee that the gas reaches every section of the enclosed room, the nozzles are carefully positioned throughout it.

Discharge Hose:

The flexible hose that links the piping system to the nozzles is this one. It is made to resist the Novec gas’s pressure while still delivering the gas to the nozzles.


When actuated by the control panel, this part is what lets the Novec gas out of the cylinder. The actuator is made to guarantee prompt and effective gas discharge.

In general, a Novec fire suppression system is a reliable and effective approach to guard priceless assets against fire damage. To ensure the system’s dependability and efficacy in the case of a fire, it is crucial to make sure it is installed and maintained properly.

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